Traditional Memorials

The traditional memorial consists of an upright die set on a base which is slightly larger than the die. Bases and dies can come in several granite colors. Different quarries around the world have their own unique colors and distribute their granite all over the world. The raw granite stock is cut to the dimensions requested and finished with the appropriate finish. While any memorial face can come in several different finishes, typically a memorial will have a polished front and back and rock pitched top and sides.

After the size, shape, color, and finish is selected, you now have your choice of carvings, lettering, emblems, etchings, etc. The family name is generally sandblasted on the front face of the memorial with names, birth, and death dates on the back of the memorial. Emblems, crosses, panels, and carvings finish off the memorial.

To help make memorial selection and design easier, Star Granite Company has created a Granite Memorial Tutorial to help step you through the different options for your memorial.

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