Memorials can come in an unlimited number of shapes, sizes, and colors. Visit your local cemetery and you will see that no two stones are exactly alike. While the choices you have may seem overwhelming at first, our granite consultants can guide you through the memorial design process and help you create the prefect memorial for you or your loved one. Star Granite Company has been designing memorials since its inception in 1951. We have designed memorials from small markers to elaborate memorials and everything in between. No design is too large or too small. Our goal is to memorialize you or your loved one properly with an artistic and elegant memorial.

Most memorials can be categorized as one of three styles: traditional die and base, slant memorial, or grass marker. Cemetery lots may also be marked with corner posts. To simplify the memorial design process, all three styles of memorials as well as corner posts are discussed in detail starting here.

For a more detailed description of memorial design, please visit our granite memorial design tutorial to help take you through the design process step by step.