Mailbox Posts

Mailbox posts are a classy yet inexpensive upgrade to your landscape. Not only do they give a natural look and feel to your yard entrance but they will outlast any other post material you can find.

Mailbox posts are typically 7 inches square by 7 feet in length. Two feet are sunk into the ground. Whether you have Star Granite Company install your granite mailbox post or you are a do-it-yourself type, our granite mailbox posts are nearly imovable after proper installation.

Our standard mailbox posts have two sides with a thermal finish and two sides with a split finish. The standard finish strikes a balance between maintaining a rustic look and offering a good surface for lettering.

Unlike most granite suppliers, Star Granite Company can custom letter your mailbox post with your street number, family name, or both. All lettering is done in-house.

You have the choice between a single scroll or a double scroll wrought iron bracket. We can also supply a newspaper tube or a dual mail and newspaper box bracket if requested. More intricate or simpler wrought iron brackets are also available upon request. All wrought iron fixtures are hand crafted at our shop and properly prepared to outlast your mailbox.

To help show different granite mailbox post design options, Star Granite Company has created a Granite Mailbox Post Tutorial to help step you through the different options for your granite mailbox post.