Star Granite Company has facilities to do both in-house and cemetery lettering. While we strive to offer our customers the best prices for their granite items, sometimes people find better deals elsewhere. Most of our competition, however, does not have the capability to sandblast. They sell you granite and send you off with a few contacts for lettering. Bring in your piece of granite and we can sandblast whatever you need to have displayed on the stone. If you already have a mailbox post or lamp post set, we can come to your home and sandblast your name or house number on the side.

Cemetery Lettering

While sandblasting a monument in a controlled environment is preferable, there are some instances where a name or death date must be sandblasted on the stone at the cemetery. With the monument location and proper text, Star Granite Company can match the current font as closely as possible and complete the lettering for a reasonable price. Call us for an estimate and have your cemetery lettering done by a true professional granite company.