Garden Rocks

A blooming garden filled with fragrant flowers or overflowing with fruits and vegetables remind us of how beautiful and intricate nature can be. Adding a personalized garden rock to your garden can complement or simply add a touch of humor to your labor of love.

Consider placing a garden rock between your daisies and irises. You will be surprised by your friends' and neighbors' reaction when they notice a lettered stone strategically placed in your rock garden.

Garden rocks also make unique wedding gifts, doorstops, or entryway accents.

Call us, place your order, and you will be admiring your new garden rock before the lilacs bloom.


Since garden rocks are small, there is a limit to the number of letters we can sandblast into the stone. Most family names between 8 and 10 letters fit well on a garden rock. Or if you prefer, some of the more popular sayings include:


Free Weeds

Mom's Garden

My Office

We have several fonts to choose from when designing a garden rock. Talk to one of our granite consultants to see if your creative saying will fit on a garden rock.


We stock a large number of computer graphics that can be added to your garden rock. We are also able to convert black and white clip art to the proper format for sandblasting. E-mail a sample graphic to us and we can determine whether or not it will sandblast properly.