Granite Cleaning

Despite your best efforts to keep granite pristine, granite will stain. Countertops, stair treds, and any other granite piece can easily absorb oils from daily use. Star Granite Company employs a variety of techniques to clean and preserve granite. While we do not guarantee that all stains will be removed, we have successfully lifted a variety of stains from all sorts of items. If stains cannot be removed, they will be lightened in every case.

Star Granite Company can also apply substances that will preserve or slow the absorption of liquids. Contract with us to perform yearly cleaning and maintenance of your kitchen counters.

If you have stained granite, call our granite consultants. We can come to your home and assess the problem and suggest the most appropriate course of action.

Granite Repair

Granite is an extremely strong and durable material, however, granite can still chip, crack, or break. Granite hitching posts are no match for an inexperienced driver and an SUV. If you have invested in a granite yard or home accent and find an accidental chip or clean break, contact Star Granite Company for an in-home consultation. If a cost effective fix can be applied, we can attempt a repair.